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The Source for Molecular Biological Tools


MicrobialInsights, Inc. (MI) is a woman owned small business specializing in the development and application of cutting edge molecular biological tools (MBTs) to describe and quantify microbial communities. MI is dedicated to providing superior genetic and chemical diagnostic tools to aid our clients in understanding and managing biological processes for a wide range of areas including environmental remediation, microbial induced corrosion, and microbial source tracking.

At MI, we recognize that state-of-the-art technologies must be coupled with personalized customer service. MI has years of experience in the environmental field and is committed to serving our clients at each step in the process from assay selection through data interpretation. MI is proud to have the exclusive rights to the Bio-trap samplers.



Microbiologically induced or influenced corrosion (MIC), a process whereby microorganisms initiate, facilitate, or otherwise accelerate corrosion of metals, affects nearly all industries and can cause severe economic, health and safety, and environmental impacts.  Prevention of microbial induced corrosion requires understanding the dynamics of the entire microbial community and most importantly detection and quantification of the microorganisms responsible so that control measures can be taken.  


MI offers services to:

• Detect and quantify organisms responsible for MIC

• Evaluate the effectiveness of biocides

• Provide comprehensive microbial community analysis



Bioremediation, harnessing the ability of microorganisms to destroy environmental pollutants, is a frequently preferred strategy for treatment of sites impacted by contaminants ranging from petroleum hydrocarbons to chlorinated solvents.  Whether through monitored natural attenuation or engineered approaches, successful bioremediation depends upon the presence, concentration, and activity of contaminant degrading microorganisms.


MI offers services to:

• Quantitative analysis of Dehalococcoides and other contaminant degrading bacteria

• Prove biodegradation is occurring using Bio-trap samplers

• Screen treatment options using In Situ Microcosms

• Characterize microbial communities



Fecal contamination of surface waters, which can cause beach closures and outbreaks of waterborne diseases, can stem from a variety of sources including sewage, urban runoff, wildlife, livestock, and agricultural activities.  Microbial source tracking (MST) analyses provide a key advantage over traditional methods - identification of the source of fecal contamination so that control measures can be implemented to reduce fecal pollution and ultimately improve water quality.


MI offers services to:

• Detect and quantify human fecal pollution

• Distinguish human and animal waste inputs

• Fingerprint microbial communities