Can Microbial Insights receive international samples?

Yes.  Microbial Insights has an international soil permit and has received samples without problem from many different countries. Please see international shipment for additional information.

Can Microbial Insights receive samples on Saturday?

Microbial Insights is now open on Saturdays.  However, coolers should be shipped to a FedEx drop location and held where an MI representative will collect them.  It is important to ship to the Saturday delivery address and follow all procedures as indicated under the sample shipment section.  Please note that due to the short hold time associated with RNA and culture, it is recommended that these samples NOT be shipped for Saturday delivery.

What are the hold times?

The hold times for each analysis are listed below:


PLFA 24-48 hours
CENSUS 24-48 hours
CENSUS-Expression (RNA) 24 hours
Heterotrophic Plate Counts 24-48 hours
ORm 7-10 days
Acidity Testing 7-10 days
DGGE 24-48 hours
Most Probable Numbers (MPNs) 24-48 hours

What is the turn around time for analysis?

The turn around time for each analysis is listed below.


PLFA (groundwater, Bio-Trap) 21-30 days
PLFA (soil) 30-45 days
CENSUS 7-10 days
CENSUS-Expression (RNA) 10-14 days
Heterotrophic Plate Counts 10-14 days
Most Probable Numbers (MPNs) 30-40 days
Oil Retention (ORm) 14-20 days
Acidity Testing 14-20 days
DGGE 21-30 days