Microbial Insights, Inc. USA

Ship samples to:

ATTN: Sample Custodian
10515 Research Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932 USA

Microbial Insights Canada

Ship Samples to:

ATTN: Sample Custodian


735 Griffith Court

Burlington Ontario

L7L 5R9


Project related questions:  +1 865 573-8188 or info@microbe.com

EBPI- Sample delivery related questions only: 905-826-TEST

Microbial Insights (Australia) Pty Ltd  

Ship Samples to:
ATTN: Maia Rabinovich
c/o AGRF Ltd
Plant Genomics Centre
Hartley Grove
Urrbrae SA 5064


Project related questions: +1 865 573-8188 or info@microbe.com

AGRF — 8 8313 7202 (sample delivery related questions only–i.e. directions to AGRF, delivery hours, etc.)

Microbial Insights Europe

Ship samples to:

ATTN: Sample Custodian

c/o Avecom

Industrieweg 122P

B-9032 Wondelgem



Project related questions:  + 1 865-573-8188 or info@microbe.com

Sampling supplies or sample delivery questions only:  mi-europe@avecom.be or

+32 9 375 17 14

Microbial Insights China

  Xiuying Li (cell# 13204027102)

   Room C-4-16

   Institute of Applied Ecology

   Chinese Academy of Sciences

   72 Yunong Road, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110164 China


   The shipping address in Chinese is: