How does it work?

The QuantArray is a hybrid technology combining the highly parallel detection of DNA microarrays with the accurate and precise quantification of qPCR into a single platform.  The key to the approach is nanoliter fluidics for low volume, solution phase qPCR allowing simultaneous quantification of different gene targets and therefore more comprehensive site assessment.In many other respects, the QuantArray is the same as conventional qPCR with probes so you can expect the same level of accuracy and precision.  qPCR is a process whereby many copies of a specific gene are generated.  The gene copied during the process (target gene) is determined by short segments of DNA called “primers” and a “probe”.  As each gene copy is made, a fluorescent marker is released from the probe, measured and used to quantify the number of target genes present in the sample.Other methods like multiplex qPCR have been described that achieve some level of parallel quantification.  There is a fundamental difference between the QuantArray and multiplex qPCR however.  For multiplex qPCR, multiple primer sets are added to a reaction mixture to quantify multiple gene targets.  Unlike multiplex qPCR, the QuantArray employs discrete through-holes for individual qPCR reactions ensuring that reaction kinetics are not compromised.