Microbial Insights is going to
“Toss the Boss”

(to benefit The Restoration House of East Tennnessee)

Over the Edge Knoxville
Saturday, August 29th, 2015

The  Restoration  House  is  a  nonprofit  organization  that  helps single  mothers  and  their  children  break  harmful  cycles  and regain  hope  for  bright  futures  by  providing  supportive transitional housing, ally teams and family advocacy.

Over the Edge – The Fundraiser Event. Admit it – There been times when you’ve wanted to “Toss your Boss”.  The staff at Microbial Insights will “Toss the Boss” by sponsoring Dora Ogles to go Over the Edge on Saturday, August 29th to benefit The Restoration House.  Participants  will  rappel  down  the  side  of  the  12  story Langley Building in downtown Knoxville. 100%  of  the  funds  raised  from  Over  the  Edge  will  go  toward construction of The Village.

The Goal – The Village The Restoration House opened its doors in 2007 and since then has operated in multiple housing sites spread over 11 miles. The Restoration House receives nearly 40 calls every month from single mothers or referring agencies but has only had capacity to work with five single-mother families at a time.  The dream has always been to serve many more single parents and their children in a community setting. This  vision  will  soon  be  a  reality  as  The  Restoration  House  embarks  on  Phase  II construction of The Village project to expand services and support many more families.

The Need of Single parent families represent over 35% of households in Knoxville, and the majority of them are single mother families with children under 5 who are living below the poverty line.The Restoration House receives nearly 40 calls per month from single mothers (and other referring  agencies)  seeking  a  better  life  for  themselves  and  their  children. Current capacity simply cannot meet the needs of the community.

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